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Quality to Performance

Hawkeye specializes in the drilling/milling of frac plugs and sleeves in vertical and horizontal wells via. coil tubing or stick tubing. At Hawkeye, we pride ourselves in providing the best through-tubing services and equipment in the industry. Coupled with our quality control procedures, we can ensure that when Hawkeye shows up on your location the tools being run in your well by our tool supervisors will do the job right the first time.

Mobile Warehouse

Saving our customers money starts with being prepared to do the job at hand and being able to handle unforeseen problems that may arise. To this end, Hawkeye typically brings to the well site a trailer loaded with various equipment options and replacement parts. These trailers also serve as traveling warehouses which allow us to provide our services to areas outside of Wyoming and Colorado.


Hawkeye uses customized Bico SpiroStar motors – a motor that is proven to be able to handle conditions well outside a normal motors operating capability – up to 3-1/8". We have recently added 4 bbl/min NOV 2-7/8"motors to our inventory to overcome lower annular velocities, larger casing in the vertical and thief zones.

Go Custom

If a mill is your preference to remove your diversion system, our custom carbide mills can be made to your specifications or we have available mills designed to any diversion system manufacturer’s specifications. Whether you have a preset plug, multiple sleeves or plugs, Hawkeye is equipped with the best tools and tool supervisors to get you to bottom.


Typical BHA Accessory Tools


Coil Connector


  • External Slip Type
  • Weld-On
  • Dimple Style
  • Roll-On

*We can accommodate a 3-1/8" motor in smaller liners utilizing the Dimple-Style Coil Connector



You name it, we've got it. 

Hawkeye can accommodate all of the typical threads: PAC, Regular, EUE, PH6 (et. al.)

We can even custom fabricate a crossover to connect to unusual, seldom used sizes and threads.

Dual Flapper Check Valve

Also referred to as the Dual Backflow Preventer Valve as it only allows flow in one direction. The tool utilizes redundant valve cartridges seated on a lip and held in place with a Stub Acme top sub.

This is generally run at the top of the BHA just below the connection to the conveyance. 

TJ Hydraulic Disconnect

Ball-drop system uses a 3/4" ball (for the typical 0.688" I.D. piston on the 2.875" O.D. tool) to release interior threaded components. 

Available in diameters of:

  • 1.688"
  • 2.125"
  • 2.875"

Dual Circulation Sub

Utilizes a 5/8" ball (in the 2-7/8" configuration) to set shear screws and slide a piston forward revealing flow ports.  The ball stops flow to the lower accessory tools and motor and the open ports accommodate a flow up to 4.5 bbl/min.

Available in diameters of:

  • 1.688"
  • 2.125"
  • 2.875"
  • 3.5"



The agitator, flow rated up to 4 bbl/min, creates sinus and periodic waves that travel along the tubing to reduce pipe-on-pipe friction.

Diverter Sub (AV Sub)

The Diverter Sub (Annular Velocity Sub) is installed to achieve a higher rate of annular volume and velocity without exceeding the maximum flow rating through the mud motor and/or other tools.

The Diverter Sub's ports are accommodate with 1/4 bbl/min and 1/2 bbl/min jets with a bypass range up to 3 bbl/min.


Standard Motors


Bico FlexStar (FS)

Our go-to tough motor designed to operate in temperatures up to 400 degrees (F)

Available in:

2-7/8" FS150

  • 60-120 gpm
  • 250-500 rpm
  • 650 ft-lb torque
  • 62 HP

Bico SpiroStar (SS)

The even-wall design allows for more power and better heat transfer for super-tough jobs

Available in:

1-11/16" SS100

  • 20-40 gpm
  • 216-433 rpm
  • 131 ft-lb torque
  • 11 HP

2-1/8" SS150

  • 20-50 gpm
  • 270-680 rpm
  • 256 ft-lb torque
  • 33 HP

2-7/8" SS150

  • 60-120 gpm
  • 250-500 rpm
  • 1100 ft-lb torque
  • 105 HP

Bico SpiroStar Supreme (SSS)

The SpiroStar Supreme keeps an ultra-narrow profile for the most heavy-duty loads and heat resistance.

Avaliable in:

2-7/8" SSS150

  • 60-120 gpm
  • 250-500 rpm
  • 1420 ft-lb torque
  • 135 HP

3-1/8" SS150

  • 110-210 gpm
  • 147-281 rpm
  • 1960 ft-lb torque
  • 105 HP

NOV 287-56-35

Our new motor provides the excellence of NOV and 4 bbl/min flow capacity.

Specs Coming Soon.

Mills and Bits



Go Custom

Hawkeye has what you need ... and if we don't we will make it custom for you.  Our mills are fabricated to our specifications out of Vernal, UT by the industry's top manufacturer.  Our go-to offset PD stitch concave mill simply cannot be out performed for most down-hole conditions.

Still, technology has evolved and for special down-hole conditions we now offer the Diamond PD and Diamond II PD mills for extra durability and double steel reinforcement.

One of our favorite and most exciting endeavors is to sit with you and engineer a new mill pushing the limits of what technology and innovation can offer.  

Want a bit?

We carry Varel Slipstream and JZ rock bits to suit your completion needs as well.