Qualilty is Performance


Without craftsmanship and quality control, we cannot perform.  There is only one acceptable option for us:

one job - one motor - one run

There is simply no way to perform consistently without diligent quality control.


There are cheaper, faster, ways to operate in this business.  If we were just out to make a buck, we would re-run our motors and BHA until they failed - slap on some paint and send it out. We could offer services at a dirt-cheap price simply because we could nearly eliminate overhead.

That is not the Hawkeye way.

At our core, we are a prideful company - our name and our brand means a great deal to us.  The success of our jobs means a great deal to us.  Our performance is our life-blood.

Hawkeye breaks down every motor and every component of the BHA, inspects it, and rebuilds it after every job.  There are no exceptions.  That is the only way we can ensure that our tools are the best that can be offered.  

We cannot control downhole conditions.  Every well presents different challenges. We can control the quality of our tools.

When we bring a tool out to location, it is in perfect condition. We know it because we take great care in ensuring the quality is there - every time.