Hawkeye Completion Services, LLC

Office Location

P.O. Box 2787
Casper, WY 82602


Shop Location

459 N. Lowell St.
Casper, WY 82601





Below: a tongue-in-cheek description of us ...

Hawkeye Voted the "Best Casper-Based Through-Tubing Specialists in the Rocky Mountain Region" by Hawkeye

"Hawkeye's shingle has been hanging since 2010: the year of Obamacare, the financial crisis, and of course the meteoric rise of Justin Bieber.  Clearly the inception of Hawkeye Completion Services, LLC saved an otherwise gloomy and downtrodden year." ~ Anonymous

Hawkeye is an independent family-oriented company committed to outstanding relationships with our customers. We genuinely expect to spend a lot of time with our customers in the field and the office because we expect repeat business. You will want us on your next well.

We do this by simply being reliable and very easy to work with:

  • Great Performance (saves you money)
  • Dedication to Quality (saves you money)
  • Top-Shelf People (saves you money)
  • No BS and a Light-Hearted Smile (saves you stress)
  • Making Your Goals Our Goals (saves you stress)

Just like people, every job is different.  Well conditions, formation conditions, and client preferences are always changing.  Hawkeye tailors our tools and process to fit your needs.

Contact us to assist you in customizing the bottom hole assembly to meet the challenges of your well.  Our lonely engineers are waiting just for you.